Oliver Super 77 tractor specification

Oliver Super 77 tractor specs, dimensions, fuel consumption, transmission, drive, equipment

About Oliver Super 77

General information about Oliver Super 77
Brand Oliver
Model Oliver Super 77
Series n.d.
Previous model
Next model Oliver 770
Years from 1954 to 1958 y.
Cab with ROPS No
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engine of large displacement and power, necessarily viable on a large farm, more cylinders is the higher work culture, Motor rated speed below 2000 r / min, starter 6V, large battery 24V, lighting rather typical, PTO with very good specifications, none BAS, disc brakes, rather heaviest should not be, traditional 2 wheel drive, lack of synchronization gears... full review

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Oliver Super 77 performance

Oliver Super 77 Specs Value
Maximum power (HP / kW) b.d.
Engine RPM 1600 rpm
Fuel consumption n.d.
Fuel tank capacity n.d.
Max. speed n.d.

Oliver Super 77 engine

Oliver Super 77 Specs Value
Engine producer Waukesha-Oliver
Engine model Waukesha-Oliver
Engine capacity 3.5 l.
Strokes, qty 4
Cylinders 6
Compression n.d.
Bore 89 mm
Stroke 95 mm
Maximum torque n.d.
Air filter n.d.
Fuel filter n.d.
Fuel filter chambers, qty n.d.
Oil filter n.d.
Oil pump n.d.
Speed control (control) n.d.
Injection pump n.d.
Injectors n.d.
Injection pressure n.d.
Cooling system liquid cooled engine
Forced cooling n.d.
Cooler yes
Thermostat Yes
Cooler type tubular-plate cooler
Coolant system capacity n.d.
Clutch n.d.

Oliver Super 77 turbocharger

Oliver Super 77 Specs Value
Turbocharger No
Dual turbocharger Not applicable
Intercooler Not applicable
Aftercooler Not applicable
Wastegate valve Not applicable
Variable geometry Not applicable
Additional parameters

Oliver Super 77 electronics

Oliver Super 77 Specs Value
Supply voltage starter (V) 6 V
Ground b.d.
Battery (V) 12 V
Battery, qty 1
Charging system Generator
Charging system producer n.d.
Ignition Manual
Rear stop lamp Yes
Rear agricultural lamp n.d.
Cock lamp No

Oliver Super 77 PTO

Oliver Super 77 Specs Value
PTO rpm 540 rpm
PTO control manual

Oliver Super 77 brakes

Oliver Super 77 Specs Value
Brake assist No
Braking system n.d.
Differential Yes
Brake type disc brakes, mechanical
Discs Single

Oliver Super 77 dimensions

Oliver Super 77 Specs Value
Weight from 2344 kg to 3905 kg (depending by model)
Length n.d.
Height n.d.
Width n.d.
Clearance n.d.
Front track width n.d.
Rear track width n.d.
Wheelbase 2280 mm
Front tires 6-16
Rear tires n.d.
Max. mass of the trailer without brakes 1500 kg
Max. mass of the trailer with brakes n.d.
Max. axle load n.d.
Max. total weight n.d.
Turning radius n.d.

Oliver Super 77 drive

Oliver Super 77 Specs Value
Drive system 4x2, 2WD (depending by model)
Additional one wheel drive
Independent Link Suspension No
Articulated suspension
Crawler drive No
Hydrostatic steering No
Differential n.d.
Steering rod
Front rods n.d.
Rear planetary drives n.d.
Front planetary drives n.d.

Oliver Super 77 hydraulics

Oliver Super 77 Specs Value
Three-point hitch n.d.
Three-point hitch type n.d.
Three-point hitch performance n.d.
Three-point hitch pressure n.d.
Load Sensing No
Closed b.d.
Central No
Constant flow No
Constant pressure No
Control system n.d.
Two-section distributor n.d.
Quick couplings n.d.
Auto Lift n.d.

Oliver Super 77 transmission / gears

Oliver Super 77 Specs Value
Synchronous transmission n.d.
PowerShift No
PowerShuttle No
Forward gears 6
Reverse gears 2
Creeper n.d.

Oliver Super 77 equipment

Oliver Super 77 Specs Value
Clevis Yes (???)
Lower catch b.d.
Air conditioning n.d.