Fendt 5270 C ('04) specification

Fendt 5270 C ('04) combine harvester - specs, technical data, header, dimensions, engine

About Fendt 5270 C ('04)

General information about Fendt 5270 C ('04)
Brand Fendt
Model 5270 C ('04)
Other versions of 5270 C model
Years from 2004 to 2007 y.
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Fendt 5270 C ('04) engine

Specs Value
Engine manufacturer AGCO SISU POWER
Engine type (model / version) 74 ETA
Engine capacity 7400 cm3 (7,4 l.)
Cylinders, qty 6
Turbocharging available
Power (kW/HP) 199 kW / 270 KM
Engine fuel tank 450 l.
AdBlue tank none


Fendt 5270 C ('04) header specs Value
Header width (working) 540 cm
Alternative widths 480 – 660 cm
Automatic header height mode available
Header tilt systems available
Header tilt adjustment (longitudinal tilt / crossfall) optional
Reel speed adjustment hydraulics
Header reverser / Reel reverse feature hydraulics

Threshing mechanism

Fendt 5270 C ('04) threshing specs Value
Diameter of cylinder threshing mechanism 60 cm
Width of cylinder threshing mechanism 134 cm
Secondary threshing cylinder available
Diameter of secondary cylinder 60 cm

Straw walkers

Fendt 5270 C ('04) straw walkers specs Value
Straw walkers, qty 5 straw walkers
Straw walkers area 5,73 m2
Straw walkers length 426 cm


Fendt 5270 C ('04) sieves specs Value
Upper sieve area n.d.
Lower sieve area n.d.
Total screening area
screening area covered by fan
4,67 m2
Lower sieve type adjustable


Fendt 5270 C ('04) specs Value
Unloading speed n.d.
Grain tank capacity n.d.
Max. speed 25 km/h
Grain loss indicator available


Fendt 5270 C ('04) transmission specs Value
Transmission hydraulic transmission
Forward gears 4


Fendt 5270 C ('04) brakes Value
Brakes hydraulics, disc brakes


Fendt 5270 C ('04) dimensions Value
Length (with header) 8,91 m
Width (without header) 3,33 m
Height (with cab) 4 m
Total weight (with header) 12100 kg
Front tyres (drive wheels) 650/75R32
Rear tyres (turning wheels) 460/70R24
Alternative front tyres 800/65R32


Specs Value
Air conditioning with air conditioning
Heating with heating

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