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John Deere 5720: power horse 82.96 km (61 kw), diesel, engine capacity 4.53 l, 4 cylinder(s), bore x stroke: 106 x 127, engine liquid cooled, turbocharge, pto 540 rpm, pressure compensation, synchronized gearbox, powershift, hydrostatic, forward gears unlimited (ranges: - 4), reverse gears unlimited (ranges: - 4).

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engine power wystrczająca, not very large fuel tank, great advantage is the individual and fuel system, really big and powerful engine, average drive unit but effective, it provides a decent ratio of the performance of the costs, falls well if we compare costs and performance, four cylinders (classic), nominal turnover work on an ideal level, direct injection, injectors rather typical, turbines, 12 V-oltowy starter, large battery 24V, charging alternator, lighting rather typical, very good PTO, none BAS, disc, wet, a rather large and rather long, wheels set wide apart, clearance rather Usually, 4WD, front drive axle, power transmitted and shared dynamically on both axles, hydrostatic control, capacity area. 2t, compensation pressure, synchronization, power shift, two clutches inside the transmission and control of electro, advanced transmission, allows you to change under load, machanizm reversible, hydrostatic transmission, very large number of forward gears, very large number of reverse gears